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Our corporate workshops are two hour intensive experiences in a group format via both in-person and video-conferencing. 

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4-Step Model For High Performance Coaching

Learn a proven coaching model to supercharge the performance of your team.

What You'll Learn

A universally proven 4-step coaching model that leads to high team performance. Workshop content includes:

  • A breakdown of the 4-step coaching model, including the exact coaching questions to ask at each step to ensure higher performance from your team;

  • Deeper understanding of what coaching is and how to coach your team as a leader;

  • Learn how to implement a coaching approach throughout your organisation;

  • Understand the power of the coaching leadership style, including when and how to use it;

  • How to get real with your team members and have powerful conversations that help them achieve what they really want in your organisation.

5 Step Strategy To Motivate Your Team

Learn powerful techniques to motivate your team as a leader.

What You'll Learn

5 step strategy to motivate your team.

Workshop content includes:

  • Understand the psychology of motivation;

  • Learn how to find out what motivates each of your unique team members;

  • Be able to customise a plan for the individual development of your team members;

  • How to make sure you're focusing particular talent development opportunities on the right people;

  • Get clear about what motivates YOU as a leader.

10 Top Habits Of Highly Successful Leaders

Learn the top habits that the world's most successful leaders practice regularly.

What You'll Learn

The top habits that the world's most successful leaders practice regularly. Workshop content includes:

  • Understand the importance of the distinction between management and leadership roles;

  • Learn effective techniques to ensure you hire the RIGHT people;

  • Know how to create effective project management practices to avoid overwhelm;

  • Develop solid personal care practices for powerful leadership;

  • Understand how to choose the right leadership style to suit the particular situation.

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