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At the Evolved Leadership Podcast, we present a new model of leadership for a new world. We believe being an effective leader today means not only running a successful enterprise, but more importantly it involves making the world a better place in a meaningful and practical way, at scale.
The podcast is part of the Evolved Leadership Project, a research study of 100 interviews with successful business owners and executives who contribute positively to the uplift of the planet both as individuals and through the organisations they lead.

The study aims to show that leaders and organisations who focus on contribution as well as profit, achieve much more satisfying outcomes for everyone they interact with, both internally and externally. 

Check out our podcast episodes below and enjoy this storehouse of leadership wisdom from successful business owners and executives who are showing the world what it takes live as an Evolved Leader. 


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Get the wisdom of successful business owners and executives on what it takes to be an evolved leader. 


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David McDermott is the host of the Evolved Leadership podcast. David has spent over two decades coaching and consulting to executives and business owners in both the private and public sectors in Australia. 


His clients have included organisations like Nespresso, Visionstream, Charter Hall, Salmat, Spencer Stuart, Emerald Coaches, Key Commerce, The Port Of Newcastle, NSW Communities & Justice and Transport NSW.


David founded a youth leadership charity in his early twenties that challenged ambitious young leaders to not only achieve personal success in their leadership role, but to also lead their organisations to give back to humanity in a meaningful way.

The Evolved Leadership approach combines David's experience of what it takes to lead a successful enterprise, with his deep belief that the definition of a truly effective leader in today's world must include making the world a better place in a meaningful and practical way, at scale.  


David is the Principal of McDermott Coaching, a business and executive coaching firm dedicated to empowering leaders to run successful organisations and to demonstrate an Evolved Leadership approach to their work in the world.  This includes coaching development work that helps leaders to think strategically, lead high-performing teams, and engage meaningfully with both business and life.