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“Find that thing which you can give your whole heart to, not just half your heart. Because half-hearted will kill you after a while.”

David Whyte, The Heart Aroused

Our life coaching services focus on helping you get clear on what you REALLY REALLY REALLY want in your life and then actually creating that for yourself using a methodical and pragmatic approach. This includes designing a work situation that you enjoy and are passionate about, creating healthy and meaningful relationships at all levels, expressing your creative self, and constructing an outstanding lifestyle where you cultivate and maintain high levels of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 


For this kind of coaching, you need to be ready to CREATE. Ready for transformation at all levels. Ready to do the outer and inner work that is required for you to live life the way you really want to.


Through a private life coaching journey with us, you will:

  • Get strong clarity on what you want in your life and develop an intelligent strategy for achieving that;

  • Create a work life balance that you really enjoy, that pays you well, and that provides you with the freedom to enjoy a high quality lifestyle;

  • Build deep and healthy relationships in your life, with a focus on strong connection, establishing boundaries, and developing high levels of social and emotional intelligence;

  • Understand how to take the best care of your body, mind and heart, so you can perform at your optimum;

  • Develop a high level of communication skills to achieve your goals more swiftly and effectively; and 

  • Understand how to change your mindset to create abundance in your life. 

We work with a limited number of private clients each year, who are ready for a deeply transformational journey.

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““I spent an enormous of time agonising over what I was doing, and how, but rarely exploring in any depth why it is that I was doing anything. Through a series of thoughtful and productive conversations, David helped me to articulate a sense of purpose that was truly internal and aspirational. We found a path through the stress and complexity to a series of clear options and next steps. This process has given me the drive, tools and conviction to work towards my own vision of success.”“

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Will Scott-Kemmis

Engagement Manager and Design Lead, Second Muse