“I believe that without a coach, people will never reach their maximum capabilities.”

Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

Teams follow their leaders, but leaders need support too. Without a thinking partner at your side, it can be lonely at the top. Our executive coaching focuses on helping organisational leaders identify and replace unproductive models of leadership with an approach to leadership that ensures strong engagement and high performance at all levels of your organisation. 


This coaching offering is for leaders of large organisations who want someone objective to speak with regularly and to act as a sounding board for working through their leadership challenges. Someone who will help them and their teams shift from a victim mindset to an attitude of taking ownership and responsibility. 


All outer transformation starts with an inner transformation. We help you become aware of the various mindsets you operate with on a daily basis and identify which of these are helpful resources for achieving what you want, as well as those that are holding you back and need to be discarded. 


There are many styles of leadership that are required to suit different circumstances, however the primary leadership style that needs to be cultivated for high performance is the coaching style. When leaders learn how to take a coaching approach in their communication, they develop a reputation for helping teams grow and flourish. We draw on decades of coaching training experience to help leaders understand what a coaching style of leadership is, why it is so powerful, and how to apply it for maximum impact.

After an executive coaching journey with us, you will:

  • Have strong business leadership and interpersonal skills;

  • Have influence as a leader and understand how to be an inspirational manager;

  • Be known in your organisation for pioneering truly effective models of leadership;

  • Understand how to use body language and spacing to communicate effectively with all your stakeholders;

  • Know how to set goals that stretch your team but are also achievable;

  • Be able to present with impact and clarity to your Board, your Executive Leadership Team, and the team/s you lead; 

  • Create performance management conversations that genuinely develop your people;

  • Build conflict resolution techniques that you can apply to a range of contexts;

  • Understand how to get your team to take a cooperative approach; and

  • Be able to run meetings that efficiently achieve meeting goals.

Examples of our SME clients include Key Commerce, Emerald Coaches, Mana Communications, Franchise Simply, and Fleetcare. Our corporate and public sector clients have included Nespresso, Visionstream, Charter Hall, Salmat, Spencer Stuart, The Port Of Newcastle, Sea Shepherd Australia, Opportunity International Australia, Transport NSW, and FACS NSW.    

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Marieken Van Ewijk

Head Of E-Commerce, Nespresso

“After working with David, I am more aware of what is driving my behaviour and my emotions, and as a result, am more able to change. David has strong listening skills and cut through the noise that I would verbally wrap the key issues in. I am more communicative with my peers. Less emails, more conversations!“