David McDermott is the Principal of McDermott Business Strategy & Coaching.


David's mission in life is to connect people to their core sense of self and to support them to develop full mastery of every aspect of their lives. 


David is a Business Strategist, Executive Coach and Life Coach. For more than two decades he has empowered thousands of people around the world through the transformational power of his business and personal development events, life-mastery programs, and private coaching. 


David supports individuals to create successful businesses that are a pleasure to run, perform at an outstanding level as leaders, have a superb work-life balance, while having a deeply fulfilling, anxiety-free, and meaningful engagement with life. 

His easy-to-understand, compassionate and honest approach cuts through the limitations that people unwittingly place on themselves, and helps them to realise their own extraordinary potential.   


David is a leader called upon by leaders, and has worked with top level executives from some of the largest companies and government departments in Australia. David has over 20 years of coaching and strategy facilitation experience in the private and public sectors. His business clients have included Lend Lease, Nespresso, Visionstream, Charter Hall, Salmat, Port Waratah, The Port Of Newcastle, The NSW Department Of Communities & Justice, and The NSW Department Of Transport. 


David was the founder and CEO of Lucca Leadership Australia, a revolutionary coaching and leadership development organisation which trained some of the brightest and most successful coaches in Australia today. 


David offers private and group coaching services to business owners, executives, private individuals, and large organisations.

Through a coaching journey with David, you will:

  • Have influence as a leader and understand how to be an inspirational manager;

  • Know how to set goals that stretch your team but are also achievable;

  • Be able to present with impact and clarity to your Board, your Executive Leadership Team, and the team/s you lead; 

  • Create performance management conversations that genuinely develop your people;

  • Be confident in your ability to build and maintain a truly successful business;

  • Have learnt a range of proven tools and methodologies to increase your business profit;

  • Get clear on the best business model that suits your business, and redesign your current model as needed; 

  • Have learnt swift and effective innovation strategies to run your business more smoothly;

  • Have strong business leadership and interpersonal skills; and

  • Create a work life balance that you really enjoy, that pays you well, and that provides you with the freedom to enjoy a high quality lifestyle.

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